A blog about journalism; innovative or overrated?

As I think about why I am creating this blog post and blog in general, I think about everything that has led me to be at San Diego State University as a journalism major and the steps I had to take to be here.

I went to San Diego City College right after graduating high school, and at the community college it was a new world for me to navigate alone.

my dad didn’t finished community college and my mom doesn’t now about the u.s educational system.

I had to rely on what my friends told be about their experiences and what my counselors advised me to do.

To get to SDSU, I cross-enrolled to take a required class to transfer that was only offered at the SDSU campus. The effort paid off when I got the email saying I got accepted to the university.

Now, as part of the major, I want to share what I went through to get into the major and what the classes have taught me and whatever other advice I can give to others.

The purpose of this blog and the content in it, is to share my knowledge in writing and other skills I’ve been using and improving in class.

I truly hope that this blog will serve as a starting point and introduction to journalism as a major and a career.

I’m in no way a professional and I am relying in the practiced I’ve had so far in my academic career.

If you are also interested in creating a blog, I recommend looking to this website and start to write!





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