Fake news and why journalists hate them

With the resent presidential election and the hype it surround it, a new phenomena arose in the news world, the spreading of fake news.

But what is fake news?

Elle Hunt, from The Guardian, states “is completely made up, manipulated to resemble credible journalism and attract maximum attention and, with it, advertising revenue.”

From this except you may understand why journalists definitely do not like fake news. This type of stories takes away the credibility in real journalists that invest their time and resources to create a story that can be supported by data or sources. It takes away the effort real news media put into delivering real journalism to the public.

The concept of fake news takes away the trust in journalists and the most bizarre thing, is that it spreads like water. Social media is the biggest tool used to disseminate fake news and as a consequence, it is more difficult to trace and fight back the sources of it.

But, as an unbiased public server, journalists are able to step back and analyze both sides of the issue.

One of the reasons why fake news arose in popularity could be the same journalism industry that failed to serve its public.

As new measures to combat this phenomena that took the country by storm are being discussed, like teaching students to distinguish between real and fake news, by  many people in the industry, it is ultimately, up to the consumer and the gatekeepers in power to negotiate a better route to stop false and sensationalist information to become more important than the truth.





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