Info..what? A quick guide to infrographics


In this new fast-paced digital era, journalism has been adapting to the needs and interests of the public that reads the news we produce.

Journalists nowadays are self-taught in a lot of areas that are needed to produce content that can accompany articles and make it easier to put together a story for various platforms, be it radio, broadcast or the web.

One skill I learned is to create info-graphics, which are visual representations of data that help to convey  a lot of information concisely and easily.

I used a website called Piktochart, which offers some basic tools, for free, that anyone can use. It is very easy to navigate and it is quite fun too.

The first one I did was based off International Woman’s Day , which was this past March 8. I chose to focus in one particular action women could do to support the movement.

The second infographic could be based off any topic we wanted. I focused on a korean boy group I really like.

Learning to create infographics can be really positive for any media professional because there can be a case where a story’s sources are data and with infographics it saves time to write it all done and try to explain it to the audience.

Now that you know what infographics are and why they are helpful, you can chose a topic and investigate it to create your own infographic.